Family Fun Night

We hope you had a FANTASTIC time at Family Fun Night this year!

Huge thanks to our Family Fun Night and Bids for Kids Team who have been working for months on this event: Carla Jones, Steve Taggart, Chrissi Jones, Lisa Langer, Jen Klein, Jen Nossal, Brett Fox, Monica Snowden, Jang Van Vranken, Kim Henry, Jessica Donlan, Rachel Semanchik, Kathleen Clements, Becky Meza, Rebecca Chatterjee, Mrs. K and Jillainna Evans and all the Room Parents. Thank you to our fabulous parent, teacher and middle school volunteers.

We are so appreciative of the support and involvement of our amazing Administrators: Mr Quinn, Ms DePiro and Mr C.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to our hard-working, tireless and wonderful custodial team.

Family Fun Night is held every year to raise money for our school and for our PTA. Please plan to join us next year for this fun event. If you're interested in sponsoring this event please contact the PTA President.